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Best Games Like Shadow Fight 2 (Updated 2018): Shadow Fight 2 Alternatives

Games Like Shadow Fight 2

Are you getting bored with Shadow fight 2? Or you need a change in life? Whatever the reason, you will get here the games like shadow fight 2.

As you know Shadow fight 2 is the most played action game. Developed by Nekki. The first fighting game after Mortal Kombar which is so addictive even you miss out your food sometimes.

The game allows users to play in story mode through which it creates more engagement in the game. But the time comes when we don’t have enough coins to purchase things in the game. The era of the mod game starts after this situation. We try to find shadow fight 2 mod apk which allows unlimited coins and gems through which we can complete our story mode. And the time comes when we get bored of playing the same game regularly knowing we have enough coins to end the game.

This situation forces ourselves to change the game. And now this is you…

M’I right?

If yes then want to share you the list of games like shadow fight 2.

and if not…

Then also the list will help you to know the best alternative to shadow fight 2.

But I must say, Shadow fight 2 mod apk is the best action game till now. You won’t get the same grade game. But if you are bored with the game, then you may find the below games the best alternative to shadow fight 2.

Let’s begin with the list…

5 Mindblowing Games Like Shadow Fight 2 Game

So starting with the 1st game which is…

#1: Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Hack

Mortal Kombat used to be the most popular game. And almost every game lover have played this game. Even I used to play this game a lot. But Shadow fight takes place. Mortal Kombat is a Fighting game which is developed by Midway Games in 1992. It supports both single and multiplayer gaming option. The exciting characters and their powers attract more.

#2: Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3

I am thinking to put it above the Mortal Kombat, but then you will think I am spamming. The truth is I’m not. This is the another best alternative to shadow fight 2. The more new features, graphics, players, powers and much more. And you know another good reason to choose this game is; you will get the shadow fight 3 mod apk from our site.

Shadow Fight 3 is an action game which is developed by Nekki. The game is updated with much more new features including much better graphics. But to run this game, I may suggest you have at least 2GB of RAM and 1GB of Space in your smartphone.

#3: Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow The Pact

Well, I haven’t played this game, but on the research, this is another most liked game. This game is similar to the old age house of the dead pc game. Phosphor Games developed Dark Meadow: The Pact game. You have to fight with nightmares to escape from the world.

Well, I won’t be able to put my points to this game because I haven’t experienced this game. I just presented the information which is available on the internet about this game.

You may try this game and if you like the game then thanks me later.

#4: Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Among Us game hack

Maybe you were going to love this game. The game includes all our favorite Justice League superheroes. We can select our favorite superhero and start playing with it. Injustice: Gods Among Us, is the another best action and fight game which enables more engagement. You will get the same powers in the game which superheroes have in comics and movies.

NetherREalm Studios is the produces and developer of this game. The graphics of the game is fantastic and productive. In total, the game has almost 50 million downloads. The numbers show the popularity of the game.

Hope you are excited about the games which I have listed above. If still not excited then you are born with shadow fight 2. Download the shadow fight 2 from here.

Moving to our next game like shadow fight 2.

#5: Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions Game

You don’t like Justice League, don’t worry I am too fan of Marvel. The developer of the game thinks about us and developed the Marvel superheroes games. The game includes all the characters which are available in the movies and comics. You can select the hero and start playing with it.

Graphics of this game is much better than Injustice: Gods Among Us, but sometimes it lags your phone. That’s why I listed this in the 5th position. The game is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

And now the downloads figures. You won’t believe, but the downloads of the game reach to 1 Billion alone in Android. This is another excellent game. You won’t miss trying it.

Best Games Like Shadow Fight 2 (Updated 2018): Shadow Fight 2 Alternatives
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