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Shadow Fight 3 for PC/Laptop/Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & Mac [Updated Guide]

Shadow Fight 3 for PC

Looking for shadow fight 3 for pc? Are you a PC gaming Expert and love to play shadow fight 3? Your phone screen might suck or your phone may. Don’t worry about any issues because we just bring you a new gaming experience of shadow fight 3. Now you can play shadow fight 3 on pc hassle free. Stay tuned till last to make it happen.

Team Nekki and we have decided to break the limit of the mobile platform and bring to the gamers shadow Fight 3 for PC.

On its starting, the game was focused and more compatible with mobile platform of both iOS or Android. It quickly jumped up the charts and broke the 10 million downloads barrier in a time flick.

Now that’s enough reason for the developers to guide you to have it on your PC too.

That thrill to eliminate the opponent with all the cool weapons and cooler combos. I mean, who won’t love it on a bigger screen. I tell you the fans of shadow Fight 3 have a craving as we hear it again and again in the feedback.

Alright then, on with the steps to guide you to install shadow Fight 3 on Windows PC and Mac.

Below are the simple steps you will all need to land this awesome game on your personal computer, any extra knowledge needed to accomplish the task is thrown in too, in case you need it.

Steps to Download Shadow Fight 3 for PC or Laptop

Now if you want to make it possible to run shadow Fight 3 on PC then you will have to install an emulator. Which will imitate as an Android handheld device.


It’s now possible to run your android apps on your PC along with games with these amazing virtualization on computers called emulators. Most common and preferred as they are error free and easy to use are :

  1. Bluestacks
  2. NOX

install shadow fight 3 for pc

There are many other emulators you can install, but we prefer these two as they are free of cost and easy to use.To get it done with the first step you have to download these emulators. Select according to your system and the emulator requirements.

To download the emulator click on the link above or just google it and download these emulators from there an official website or your trusted software partner. As they are popular and in-demand to be available mostly everywhere.

But a simple reminder of precaution to check all the system requirements like graphics cards, driver, RAM and the processors as sufficient.

You know these emulators may create a little trouble if you don’t have a personal computer that meets the minimum system requirements to run them. So before going ahead make sure your computer meets them. They are specifically provided on the official website of the emulators.

If you haven’t tried shadow fight 2, then you must try it once.

Steps To Install Shadow Fight 3 On PC/Laptop

Now that we had that out of our way, we shall proceed and install shadow Fight 3 on PC or Mac, by following these simple steps provided below:

Step 1: Now like every other installation process, you will have to download the shadow Fight 3 APK file. To download the shadow fight 3 mod file visit here.

Step 2: Already stated as a requirement, you will have to install an emulator like Bluestack on your PC. It is available cross-platform so you won’t have to worry about the platform compatibility issues.

Step 3: If you are facing problems with the Bluestack android emulator, you can download and install Andyroid emulator or nox player, which does the same job. It is an alternative for Bluestack and has the same functions.

Step 4: Now the installation process of emulator depends on the choice of the emulator you’ve made.The installation process will differ from emulator to emulator.But don’t you worry, the process is simple and more guiding to set you up correctly according to your requirements, in no time.

Step 5: Now after leaping all the above hurdles, go to the folder/directory you have downloaded the APK file of shadow Fight 3 and choose it to open with the emulator(Bluestack/Andyroid/etc). The rest will be as same as installing the game on your phone.

If you want to play shadow fight 3 without any hack, then you can use pre-provided Google Play Store to download and install the shadow Fight 3 on PC directly, without the need of an APK file.

Step 6: Voila! You have just installed the shadow Fight 3 on your PC.

Enjoy the same experience on your PC as your android smartphone.

Final Verdict:

The steps to install the Shadow Fight 3 for PC is same for all the windows platform counting from 7/8/8.1 and the latest Windows 10. If you have Mac PC, you will still be able to install the game with the above steps.

We know that you love games. And after the evolution of handy smartphones, it has become much easier and more available for the gamers to game anywhere anytime. But for those who are unsatisfied with the smartphone gaming experience and prefer the old school one, we got you covered.

We hope that this guide provides entirely whatever you desire and allows you to have a PC gaming experience similar to the smartphone without the need of the smartphones.

As usual, any trouble, queries or feedback are welcomed in the comments section below.

Shadow Fight 3 for PC/Laptop/Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & Mac [Updated Guide]
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