Spotify Premium APK Download – How to Install and Use?

Spotify premium

Spotify gives you access to millions of songs anywhere and anytime you wish. In Spotify app you can download your favorite media and make a unique playlist. And these downloaded media you can listen offline. Now Spotify is fully free on your Android.  To download and install the Spotify app on Android now doesn’t sound like a big deal.  There are two methods to install the app.


How to install Spotify directly from the play store:

  1. Open your play store on your cell phone.
  2. Search the Spotify premium apk.
  3. Tap to install the app.

How to install the Spotify app manually:

  1. Download the raw .apk for the app from the Spotify website.
  2. From your device settings scroll down the security.
  3. Insecurity sections scroll down and look for unknown sources and click the checkbox. This is because the Android doesn’t support manually installation of apps without the use allowing this feature in the settings.
  4. Visit the download history and open the download Spotify app.
  5. Click on Next button and then tag install to install the Spotify app.

Some of the frequently asked Questions:

Q1. For Android users, maybe manually encounter following circumstances

  • It may appear as black screen during startup
  • Offline data not storing on SD card
  • Random crashes or FC’s
  • Track degradation or skipping
  • Playlists and track no longer available.

To solve this problem: 1. Uninstall  the app from your phone going to ‘Settings-> Apps then scroll to the Spotify app and tap on it.

  1. Using a file manager make sure that the below folders are deleted if they still exist.
  2. Next, reboot your phone.
  3. When all folders are removed and then the phone has rebooted go to the play store and install the Spotify app.

Q2. Tried to install but still having found the Spotify apk crashes.

First, you check if SD card insert on you android device, remove it and then run spotify app. Its is working without any issue. Unable to format or delete the folders? It might be the card is set as wire protected. Some micro SD card come with an adapter with a little hardware switch enabling read /write access.

Q3.  How can I transfer Spotify songs and playlist in computer and Android device?

Given this situation, you have turn to the third party app, such sync iOS Manager. It supports to copy music, playlists artist, the album from your Android phone or tablet.

                   How to download Spotify For iOS

The process on iOS is but more complicated here is how you can install the Spotify in iOS.

  1. Visit the apple ID website and click on create your Apple ID fill up all the details and click continue.
  2. You will receive a verification code from apple just enter it and click continue.
  3. Simply log in with your new mail ID and password you may be asked for your security questions so make sure you’re ready to answer.

Once you have completed the steps you have an apple ID that make purchases from US App store.

Now switch to app store and download Spotify premium apk

  • On your iPhone go to app store tap on your Apple ID and then sign out
  • You can log into your new apple ID.
  • You can hen search the function in the app store to look the app.

You can use this above given methods to easily download the Spotify app and enjoy your favorite music along with curated music from Spotify editor’s. It is definitely a great way to discover new music and enjoy the music you already know and love. While installing the app in iOS is not straightforward but it is definitely not tough either.

Spotify Premium APK Download – How to Install and Use?
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